Equine Services

Our Most Popular Package

Complete Fitness 1-1.5 Hour Program

Includes a combination of our services individualized to optimize your horse’s fitness. May include some or all of the following: Therapeutic Massage & Stretch, and Light Ground Exercises.

One Session: $110
Package of 5 Sessions: $500
Package of 10 Sessions: $800

Equine Zoom Sessions

Group Zoom – 5 Sessions $135/members $100

Private Zoom – 5 Sessions $225/members $170

These gently therapeutic, 30-40 minute sessions are great for all equines, especially backyard companion horses and seniors .During our time together on Zoom, the horse owner and horse will be guided through a variety of massage strokes, stretches, and 1 or 2 in-hand exercises.

This class requires a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device with Zoom capabilities including a camera for video access and microphone for audio. You will also need ground poles and an area large enough to do ground work. You may want a place that’s shady and some fly spray on hand, as well. Other equipment recommended but not required are cones, tires, and barrels. Are you interested but need to meet at a different time? Contact us at Jami@TheraPaws.Pet so we can set up a class to fit your schedule.

Massage and Stretch Only

Therapeutic massage helps warm-up, stretch, and relax muscles. A few of the massage modalities used include Tellington Touch, Swedish strokes, Tuina Chinese meridian strokes, myofascial release, and stress point and trigger point massage. Gentle, careful stretching and range of motion movements are added to increase the effect of the massage strokes.

Single Session: $110
Package of 5 Sessions: $500
Package of 10 Sessions: $800

COMING SOON: Barn Therapy Program

TheraPaws is designing a complete program that you can do at the barn with your horse. Includes “how to” instructions, videos, and pictures, as well as a super app and weekly checklist to keep you and your horse on track. This app will focus on massage, stretching, range of motion, and core strengthening. Also included is one follow-up session to fine tune your program and answer questions.

$75 per program

VIP Client Initial Consultation

All new horse clients receive a VIP Client Initial Consultation. A thorough Initial Consultation is necessary to ensure the safest and best way to support your horse’s fitness plan. It is also an excellent way for us to keep track of your horse’s improvement over time. A VIP Client Initial Consultation will take about one hour to complete.



(Would you rather have your VIP Consultation for FREE??? Get the release Form Discount below)

Get a free VIP Client Initial Consultation and a $25 discount on your first Complete Fitness Session or Massage Session. That’s right! receive $25 off your first Complete Fitness Session or Massage Session and a free VIP Initial Consultation when you turn in our exercise and massage release form. The release form can be easily filled in, signed, and submitted by your veterinarian within just a few minutes. To access the release form, have your veterinarian click on the “form” tab on the menu at the top of this website. Release must be turned prior to or at the beginning of your first session.

“The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears”

-Arabian Proverb

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