Your Customized Home Therapy & Exercise Program (HTEP)

TheraPaws will design a customized program that you can do at home with your pet. Includes “how to” instructions, videos, and pictures, as well as a super app and daily checklists to keep you and your pet on track. Your pet’s program will focus on several massage and exercise options to enhance your pet’s mobility, strength, balance and coordination. This program also includes one follow-up session to fine tune your program and answer any questions you may have. This program is a great addition to any pet’s lifestyle, but it is especially well-suited to pets that don’t travel well in the car.

$75 per program

 Did You Know…

Pets who follow the Home Therapy & Exercise Program (HTEP) three or more times a week see greater improvement in their overall fitness, especially when using their HTEP in between TheraPaws visits. Your customized program will be based on your pet’s likes, strengths, and specific fitness needs. It will also take into consideration your own lifestyle and realistic time commitment. Clients are encouraged by the difference only a few extra minutes during the week can make. This program can be conveniently printed out on paper or used on your smart phone, computer, or laptop. It’s easy to use and we find it motivating. We think you will, too.

**The Home Therapy Program is included as a bonus in the Complete Fitness Program and the Einstein Club.

Chubby Working Out

Chubby had a team of veterinarians, family members, and other wellness providers including Therapaws. Here is senior pug Chubby and his owners doing one of his very first home therapy programs. Chubby started slowly and gradually, but over time we could hardly keep up with him. Don’t call him old! Call him BOLD!

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