Blu wastes no time getting ready for his TheraPaws Massage & Stretching session.  He loves a good massage!  But who doesn’t?

Massage and Stretch for Pets

20-minute Session  
One Session: $40/ members $19
5 Sessions: $175/ members $95
10 Sessions: $300/ members $19

50-minute Session

One Session: $65/ members $39
5 Sessions: $325/ members $195
10 Sessions: $300/ members $390

Therapeutic massage helps warm-up, stretch, and relax muscles. A few of the massage modalities used include Tellington Touch, Indian Champissage, Swedish strokes, Tuina Chinese meridian strokes, myofascial release, and stress point and trigger point massage. Gentle, careful stretching and range of motion movements are added to increase the effect of the massage strokes.

“Don’t forget me,” says Lulu.

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