The Einstein Club

Gus is a natural Genius!

Our newest program the Einstein Club promotes the genius in your dog by focusing on mental, physical, emotional, and environmental enrichment.

What’s Included:

  • Dognition intelligence assessment (click for more info)
  • 20-page Dognition intelligence assessment report
  • Dognition games developed around your dog’s intelligence
  • Environmental enrichment plan
  • Home Exercise Plan (HEP)
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Unlimited visits for only $12 per visit. #30 value (20 minutes of games or 10 minutes of games with 10 minutes of massage (recommended for geriatrics).

Who can benefit from the Einstein Club:

Seniors & Geriatrics

The Einstein Club was originally designed with our silver muzzled friends in mind. As dogs age, their needs and abilities change. This program looks at ways to make their environment optimal to meet those new needs and challenges while also working toward keeping them active, confident, alert, focused and happy. Your senior pet will enjoy learning new games which many veterinarians say is important for brain function along with diet and exercise. You will also be given tips and tricks to help your senior enjoy life inside and outside of the home.

Competition Dogs

The Einstein Club is another handy tool to add to your training regime. The Dognition assessment and games add another layer to fine tune your dog’s training. By honing in on your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to bring your dog’s focus and abilities to new heights. And with the added bonus of the Home Exercise Program you can add core conditioning, stretching, massage, and strengthening. We can also give you additional tips and tricks to keep your sportsman engaged when you are busy. Keep your champion engaged and active both at-home and in the ring.

Puppies and Adults

The Einstein Club will Identify your dog’s intelligence strengths and build on them with fun games aimed at enriching and yours, too. These games will reveal your dog’s type of intelligence and help you understand him at a much deeper level. You will be given a 20-page profile and individualized games that fit your pets profile. These games are aimed at keeping your pet bright, alert, and happy. We also look at your dog’s lifestyle and yours to see how we can keep your pups engaged when you are away or busy. You will also receive our Home Exercise Plan that includes ways to exercise, stretch, and massage your pet that go above and beyond the daily walk. You’ll be given a lot of choices so you can switch it up from time to time because Einsteins want more than just a walk around the block.


Initial Fee
$125 (over $200 value)

$12 Follow-up Game Visits for 20 Minutes of Fun
($40 value). At least once a week is recommended

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