That’s right! This small device attaches to your dog or cat’s collar and tracks activity, steps, and sleep quality just like a regular Fitbit.  Data from the FitBark 2 can be used to explain changes in behavior and help pet owners make better decisions with their veterinarian regarding nutrition, mobility, and other health issues.  Not only that, but owners can link their Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, or Google Fit and review their own progress and their pet’s progress side by side.  Our dog has one and we love it.  It really does help us stay motivated and healthy together.  We love this product so much that we are going to carry them in our new store.  Here’s the best part, with purchase clients will get a 10% discount on one Complete Fitness Package and the Einstein Club.  And it doesn’t stop there.  You will be able to earn Paw Points for additional incentives and special offers. How cool is that?
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