Balanced Nutrition Program

and Waist Watchers Plan

Gus is fit and ready to hit the waves with his fit and fine beach body. Cowa-pug-ga little dude!.

Balanced Nutrition Program: $75/ members $50

Did you know that approximately 95% of all homemade dog food recipes are not balanced? Did you know that some pet treats have more calories than your pet’s total daily allowance? Have you been told that the first ingredient listed on your pet’s food is the main ingredient? Think again. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to pet nutrition leaving many pet owners wondering what exactly does my pet need to have a balanced diet.

At TheraPaws, we seek to educate our clients who want their pet to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a balanced diet. The Balanced Nutrition Program includes a nutrition assessment of your pet’s current diet, weigh-in with stance analysis, body condition assessments, feeding tips & tricks, and a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle and pocket book. Also included is one follow-up session to fine tune your program and answer any questions you may have.

Waist Watchers Program: additional $10/month

For those pets that need to shed a bit more than just fur, our Waist Watchers Plan can be added to your Balanced Nutrition Program. . This plan is designed to help slightly overweight pets slowly and safely reach their ideal, healthy weight. Includes regular weigh-ins and incentives!

*Important: TheraPaws does not provide medical nutritional counseling. Therapaws does not provide veterinary diets. Pets that are obese or have other clinical conditions require medical formulas and/or veterinary treatment and oversight. TheraPaws does not diagnose, treat, or provide veterinary medical services. For veterinary diets and holistic veterinary care, please contact Dr Tudor, DVM at the Well Dog Place, (909) 625-5805.

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