May I stay with my pet during her session?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact, we ask that owners always stay during their pet’s sessions. Our office has massage pads on the chairs, selections of free coffee and tea kcups, free internet, TV, and fun reading material. Why wouldn’t you want to stay?

Do I need the release form signed by my vet before starting a session?

We really, really, REALLY wish that all clients would have their veterinarian sign the quick and easy consent form prior to services. The reason for this is that your pet may have a health issue that effects how your program is carried out. Massage and exercise are contraindicated in some health conditions. The release form is fast and easy to fill-in, sign, and submit by computer. It can take less than a minute! Most veterinarians love it because it helps them network with us and build a trusting ongoing relationship with your pet’s TheraPaws fitness provider. Since we greatly want you to turn in that form before starting any of our plans or programs, we are offering a super incentive. Get a free consultation AND $25 off your first Complete Fitness Session when you turn in our nutrition, exercise and massage release form. That’s a savings of $100! So start saving for your next trip to Hawaii (it’s beautiful this time of year) and get the form signed, please. (Form must be turned in at your pet’s first session or prior to first session in order to receive the super incentive)

Do you offer pet insurance?

No. We are not a medical facility, and we do not provide veterinary care, so insurance isn’t accepted here. However, we do our best to provide you with specials, discounts, and bulk packages to make our services and products affordable for you.

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