We’ve added four new services: the Complete Fitness Program, the Home Therapy & Exercise Program (HTEP), the Einstein Club and the Balanced Nutrition Program.The Complete Fitness Program is a 50-minute total health workout that includes massage, stretching, exercise, and a free Home Therapy & Exercise Program (HTEP). It’s our best package ever.  Visit the Complete Fitness Session here. We’re also a bit proud of our new, easy to follow Home Therapy & Exercise Program (HTEP).  It’s pretty snazzy and even comes with its own awesome app. With this program we design a customized exercise routine that you can do at home with your pet. It includes “how to” instructions, videos, pictures, and a weekly checklist to keep you and your pet on track. Your pet’s program will focus on several massage and exercise options including various massage and stretching techniques as well as exercises to increase core strength, mobility, balance and coordination. Check out Chubby getting started on his first home program here.  After you watch Chubby check out our new Balanced Nutrition Program and Waist Watchershere.  Our Balance Nutrition Program will help take the confusion out of pet food and set you up with a plan for balanced nutrition, healthy treats, and fun feeding tips.  You won’t believe how easy it is. Our fourth new addition is the Einstein Club.  This exciting addition promotes the genius in your dog by focusing on mental, physical, emotional, and environmental enrichment.  TheraPaws has partnered with Dognition to bring out the genius in your dog. From puppies to silver muzzles, The Einstein Club has what your dog needs to help her stay bright alert, and happy.
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